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SCAR side meeting: ice-sheet ocean interactions (past and present: how much data do we need for models) 0 replies CRYOLIST
PAIS Conference: Early bird regristration (until July 31st) 0 replies CRYOLIST
PAIS conference: SIDE WORKSHOP - ice sheet - ice shelves reconstructions 0 replies CRYOLIST
SCAR/PAIS conference: EXTENDED DEADLINE for abstract submission (May 10th) 0 replies CRYOLIST
PAIS conference: Abstract submission deadline April 30th 0 replies CRYOLIST
Public invitation to express interest for one Junior Research Associate Position 0 replies CRYOLIST
ECAC meeting - September: Cryosphere Session 0 replies CRYOLIST
Post-doc position in ice-modelling at Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (Italy) 0 replies CRYOLIST