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IARPC Collaborations Diversity & Inclusion Working Group: Kick Off Meeting 0 replies CRYOLIST
Online Arctic Science Communication Training for Early Career Scientists 0 replies CRYOLIST
Arctic science communication session at AGU 0 replies CRYOLIST
Science Communication Lightning Talks for Effective Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Arctic Research 0 replies CRYOLIST
IARPC Collaborations Webinar Series: Creating a National Scientific Mission: The Nansen Legacy Project. 0 replies CRYOLIST
Webinar available on co-production of knowledge (This Friday 2/16) 0 replies CRYOLIST
Webinar today: risk assessment to Alaskan villages from flooding, erosion, and thawing permafrost 0 replies CRYOLIST
Early Career Scientists: Apply Now for IARPC's Interdisciplinary Science Communication Training Program 0 replies CRYOLIST
Webinar on High Resolution Models in the Arctic 0 replies CRYOLIST
IARPC Collaborations Webinar Series: Updates from the International Arctic Science Committee. 0 replies CRYOLIST
IARPC Collaborations Webinar Series: Outcomes of Arctic Horizons 0 replies CRYOLIST
IARPC Public Webinar: Overview of the 2017 Airborne Campaign for NASA's Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE) 0 replies CRYOLIST
New collaboration teams and features available at IARPC Collaborations 0 replies CRYOLIST
August 3 informational webinar on IARPC's Draft Arctic Research Plan 2017-2021 0 replies CRYOLIST
Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC) requests public comment on the draft Arctic Research Plan 2017-2021 0 replies CRYOLIST
Webinar: Funding Effective Interdisciplinary Collaborations: NGEE Arctic as a Case Study--IARPC Collaborations Webinar Series 0 replies CRYOLIST
Contribute to the Preliminary Drafting of the IARPC Arctic Research Plan 2017-2021 by Friday, 29 April 2016 0 replies CRYOLIST
IARPC requests community input to shape Arctic Research Plan 2017-2012 0 replies CRYOLIST
IARPC 5-year Arctic Research Plan Update - Community Input Session at ASSW 0 replies CRYOLIST
IARPC Webinar Series: The Arctic Digital Elevation Model Project 0 replies CRYOLIST