timelapse camera for cold regions?

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timelapse camera for cold regions?

Dear Cryolisters,

After many hours of googling, I turn to Cryolist for advice.

I am looking for a timelapse camera for the field. Temperatures should
actually not be that cold (between -5°C and 20°C). We had some decent
experience in the past with cuddeback timelapse cameras made for
hunting. They were cheap, robust and worked for a long time.
I would like something similar or better, but with hd capability. It
should also be Very easy to use, meaning not a complex box where you put
a Nikon then connect it to three million dataloggers and network cables
and then hope that it will work. In other words, it should be one
self-containing device.
It should of course have an integrated logging capability (sd card or
whatever it can have).

I have looked at the Bushnell Trophy Cam:

and also at the GOpro Hero2 HD:

among others.

The Bushnell is almost perfect, except maybe for the picture quality.
The Gopro seems to have very nice picture quality but the battery would
run out fast, and the slowest timelapse mode is every 60 seconds.

Is there a camera out there that would stand on a tripod, have the
battery life and robustness of the bushnell and the picture quality and
size of the Gopro Hero2???

Thank you for your input.

Hugues Lantuit

Dr. Hugues Lantuit
International Permafrost Association Secretariat
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