vEGU21 session on sea ice and snow processes

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vEGU21 session on sea ice and snow processes

Melinda Webster
Dear Colleagues,

We warmly welcome you to submit your work to session CR4.2 on sea ice and snow processes for the virtual EGU21 conference 19-30 April 2021.

This session highlights advances in understanding seasonal atmosphere-snow-ice-ocean interactions in the coupled climate system using observational, remote sensing, and modeling tools. In particular, we aim to showcase results from the 2019-2020 MOSAiC expedition. Studies from other efforts investigating snow and sea ice processes and their roles in atmosphere, ocean, ecological and biogeochemical systems are also most welcome.

Abstract deadline: 13 January 2021, 13:00 CET:

Best wishes,

Maddie Smith (University of Washington)
Martin Schneebeli (WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF)
Melinda Webster (University of Alaska Fairbanks)

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