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workshop "Geoscience and global changes"

Adriano Ribolini
Dear Cryolist,

I would like to draw your attention to the following workshop, held at the Department of Earth Sciences (University of Pisa) on April 20, 2012

"Geoscience and global changes. A meeting about the past, the present and the future: the role of geoscience in the study of the global changes and the connection with other disciplines"

Invited speakers:

- “Mediterranean Climate: trends and future projections”, P. LIONELLO (University of Lecce)
- “The response of planktonic calcifiers to global changes during the Mesozoic: life strategies, adaptation and evolution during episodes of ocean acidification, fertilization and anoxia”,  E. ERBA (University of Milano)
- “Climate change from Antarctic ice cores. Past, present and future”, V. MAGGI (University of Milano)
- “Mediterranean climate and civilization during the Holocene “, N. ROBERTS (University of Plymouth)
- “Feedbacks between climate, erosion and tectonism in South and SE Asia during the Cenozoic on Millennial and longer timescales”,  P. CLIFT (Louisiana State University )
- “Extreme global change and mass extinctions, past and future”, P. COURTILLOT (Paris Diderot University)

Details, program and flyer at:
For registration write an email at:  [hidden email]

I hope to see you in Pisa.

Adriano Ribolini

dr Adriano Ribolini
Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra
Università di Pisa
via S. Maria 53
56126 PISA
skype: riboad

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